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Monday, April 15, 2013

Trinity of Truth Tip: Show, Don’t Tell

A poet can say, “I’m a poet” but without ever writing and sharing their poetry they likely don’t feel very “poety.”  You might proclaim, “I am a singer” but if you never sing, I can’t know for sure.  I can say that I’m a triathlete, but if I’ve never participated in a triathlon, then those words aren’t really true.  It feels like a big lie.  

Affirmations can feel like that too, like you’re lying.  Sometimes we read in books that if you want something, then repeat the words that match the desired outcome over and over—because doing so will make your dreams come true!  Maybe, but not likely.  There’s more to using affirmations than just saying words.

My writing coach taught me the importance of “showing” more and “telling” less in writing my memoir.  What this means is to get into the feeling of a scene.  This works for creating a new life experience too—and why affirmations that “show” really do work.  When we “show” that thing we want, then our feelings are involved.  Feeling is what fuels the affirming words.   The problem with just “telling” is that the (telling) words lack any power if all we do is throw them out there without doing anything else.  Nothing great happens if we just rely on the all-mighty and powerful magic of affirmations to do all the work. 

If I want to be a published author, I must write things and share them.  When I do, then saying “I’m a writer” or “I’m an author” feels like the truth.  If I want to add some oomph to this statement—let’s say I want to write a lot of good quality content and not just okay stuff—then I might say (affirm), “I am a brilliant and prolific writer” (a wonderful and powerful affirmation Julia Cameron teaches in her book, The Artist’s Way).

But, just saying “I am a brilliant writer…” still doesn’t make it true.  In order to make it true, I have to work to improve my skills as a writer and “show” my brilliance by showing up to write every day instead of just when I feel like it. I have to build the “showing” by actually “doing” (or at least attempting to do) that which I desire. And I have to remember to show my enthusiasm for being a writer.  If I didn’t, people might ask, “Do you “really” like being a writer? Because you sure don’t look very happy when you say you are a writer.”  

This “show don’t tell” practice can be used in any area of life.  If you want to be more at peace then work to “be” the essence of peace.  You can’t just say, “I am at peace” and then go ranting to the neighbor about the weeds in their yard.  You can accept the weeds (and find peace with the neighbor) or pack up and move (and maybe go rant to a new neighbor about their loud music).  But you can’t have both: ranting and then five minutes later say “I am peace.”  When your behavior is in complete contradiction to your words, and reality, you actually feel worse.  Because it feels like a lie.

Showing (by actually “being” the thing you desire) versus telling and then not doing what you “said” is cause for a troubled heart.  Merely saying that you are happy, wise, loving, and calm or at peace is an obvious lie when your life says otherwise.  When you merely tell without showing, no one will buy it anyway.  And, worse, you end up complaining, “I’m doing exactly what that book said to do—repeating words that make me “happy”—and it’s not working!” You feel like a victim. 

Trinity of Truth Tip:
Stop telling everybody how happy you are when you know you aren’t. Instead, “show” everybody how happy you are by feeling the emotions of happiness.Get into the feelings of the story you really (really!) want and live it out loud! Show us how happy and enthusiastic you are. How? By wearing a smile, by not complaining, blaming, or criticizing—things that actually tell others you are miserable (and not happy at all). The “show” voice is always more believable to you personally—your subconscious mind (where beleifs are made and stored)—and to others.
An important note: Showing doesn’t mean bragging ("look at me, look how great I am and all the “happy” things I do and have") either!  Far from it (braggers are usually the most unhappy people of all).  And showing doesn’t mean to “show off” how happy you are (even if you really are).  That’s merely telling.  A boring, dull, story that no one wants to hear.  Showing your happy self means to gracefully “be” a happy, positive, energetic person on the inside.  Then, let it—the happy story—speak (show) for itself.   

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Trinity of Truth Tip: Use Your Feet and Walk Away

I learn a lot from my grandsons.  Not long ago, I overheard my daughter say to the older of the two boys (when little brother wouldn't leave him alone), "Use your feet and walk away."  She was giving her oldest a choice of either staying there and continue being annoyed or to get up and move away from little brother who was climbing all over him and invading his personal space.

To say, "I have no choice" is claiming the role of victim. Claiming the role of victim takes all your power, bundles it up, and hands it over to whoever is victimizing you.  You never win when you claim the role of victim.  Never.  You feel defended, annoyed, and abused.  You react instead of getting away from the situation or person.

We always have a choice—even if that choice is accepting what is (without resentment) or shifting an attitude from "why me?" to one of curiosity.  Maybe an attitude like, “Hmmm, I wonder why they’re acting that way (whatver "that way" is)?  Maybe they need some attention or maybe they’re like that with everybody.  Work to have an attitude of, "it’s not about me" and then let it go (walk away).  It's easy to get caught up in the role of victim when we are feeling abused.  But, the behavior of other people isn’t about you.  Don’t let it be by reacting to it.  

It’s not always possible, but next time someone’s “victimizing” you, think about how you can “use your feet and walk away.”  You never know, it could be that the person who’s got you worked up is so crazy about you—like the little brother who thinks his big bro is a superhero—that their overbearing energy is simply enthusiasm for you!  If it’s too much, gracefully use your feet and walk away.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Trinity of Truth Tip: Live in the Light

Recently, I had an experience where I felt repulsed by something that came up in a conversation.  It troubled me so much, and had such a tight hold on me, that I couldn’t even sleep that night.  After some hours of angst, I became motivated to get any semblance of the "thing" (the negative energy) out of me.  

When I remembered to let myself be vulnerable enough to go into the darkness the shift (from darkness to light) happened.  I asked myself, “What is the opposite of this dirty feeling I now hold inside of me? What does the opposite of this evil thing look like?” Immediately, I saw, felt, and was embraced by, the brilliance of God's light.

Try this: 
Get quiet and take a few cleansing breaths to center yourself.  Once feeling centered, allow yourself to feel the negativity of an issue, memory, or feeling that’s troubling you.  As hard and as scary as it may be, allow yourself to fall into the darkness, the negativity of whatever it is that’s got a hold on you. 
Now, ask yourself what the opposite of this darkness looks like.  Its opposite is always light.  See the brilliance of light surrounding you.  Now, with the help of your breath, leap into the vastness of the light. Allow the light to consume you, to cleanse you. Live in it.
If we allow ourselves to fall deep into the darkness of a negative energy—really feel it to the bone—for the purpose of launching us into the opposing positive energy of a particular emotion, we can use the blackest black of darkness to catapult us into the whitest, purest, light: the darker the dark, the whiter (purer) the light. If we can remember that all darkness is an invitation to leap into the light, we can use this life experiencewhich, by its very nature is laden with darknessto cleanse the soul, one dark spot at a time. The darkest dark can transform us into the lightest light.
Living in the light,

Friday, February 1, 2013

Trinity of Truth Tip: Just For Today...

In the practice of Reiki there are five principles practitioners are expected to honor and teach. Each principle begins with "Just for today..." Try applying a "just for today" mentality to shift your attitude or set an intention for the day. For example, "Just for today, I will practice non-judgment," or "Just for today, I will honor my body."

Try this mind-body-spirit affirmation.
"Just for today... through mindful action... I glide with the flow of life... fueled by the grace of Spirit."

Turn this affirmation into a mantra by repeating these words over and over throughout the day.

Friday, January 25, 2013

ToT Tip: Any Day You Learn a Lesson is a Good Day!

Some days are full of challenge. Some days feel like suffering.  Some days ...life just sucks.  Recently, even though I know better, I found myself having some of these negative thoughts.  I was complaining (to myself and God) about how hard this physical human thing is.  Then, my laptop crashed.  I hadn't backed up in weeks and had been doing a lot of writing.  Like a light switch, my crazy-on-fire writer took a nose dive into a state of misery.  Why me!?!  I got myself worked up and slipped into a real funk. A few days later I managed to climb out of that deep well of misery where the victim in me stumbled in the dark.  Once back in the light, I had an epiphany, of sorts.  I'd asked for it!  

I know that what I think and say comes to me. I've proven it to myself over and over.  And it's what I teach to others, for goodness sake!  My thinking (and complaining) about how hard being human is was like placing an order to the Universe.  The Universe simply answered my call. Hardship befell me. Quick and with precision.  

The light bulb moment actually made me laugh.  Soon, I ordered a new laptop.  And I remembered something my mom said one time when I was lamenting over something.  She said, "Any day you learn a lesson is a good day."

I learned and re-learned the lesson of watching my mouth, my thoughts, and my behavior—the importance of keeping them in check.  And that counting my blessings helps me climb out of that deep well of darkness. It was a few days of some good learning!  Thanks mom.